Ep 48: Persephone Returns


painting by Francene Hart

Gary Caton heralds the new with his own fool's journey that led him to developing a humanistic/counselling practice for clients, discussion of 2012 in terms of alignments and the reclassification of Pluto and promotion of Ceres to dwarf planet.

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The Blast! -Sep. 16-21 - Sep 16, 2008
May 14, 2008
UAC 2008, May 15-20 Denver, Colorado

Check out his new Astrology TV Show! activated Jan 26, 2008

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"Lady of the Silver Wheel" by Damh the Bard
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Ep: 47: Far-fetched?


painting by Rosalie Belaisis

Titans, and elementals, and Bremen transcripts, oh my !

Reading from:

"Fantastic People"

by Allan Scott and Michael Scott Rohan

Copyright Pierrot Publishing Limited 1980


"Fairy Ring" by Gary Stadler Album : Fairy Nightsongs Sequoia Records

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"Taliesin" by ad dios

"Pegasus" by Alphons Arts


Ep: 46: Harmonics of Healing

painting by Ruth Kubler

We interview Darrell Brann who had opportunities to crossover and decided to stay here to offer us the benefit of knowledge gained through years of trial and error and a promise made by a friend on the other side. Darrell applies his mastery of music and manipulation of sound to restore balance and facilitate healing.


Ep 45: Visiting Past Lives

Phoenix Cover

Word of warning: Check the credentials of the practitioner who is overseeing your regression - make sure they didn't take a weekend course in hypnosis because what may come to the surface you could have a great deal of difficulty dealing with emotionally/physically.

Excerpt read from:


Summary of The Search for the Girl with Blue Eyes by "Sue Darroch" in


History of Le Corriveau translated by myself from the text written in 1944 by P.G. Roy historian of St-Joseph de Levis


1. Past Life by George Wood at Podsafe Music.

2. Netherworld by Pamela Wynn Shannon

3. Backside Grind by Part II at www.Iodapromonet.com

To order your pastlife mandala by Valkyrie go to : http:godboxcafe.net
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