Holistic Medicine and Healing

Lunar Eclipse Edition: The Shadowlands

Dark side of the Moon image by Al Magnus

Interview with Christopher Sowton ND, Homeopath and Jungian Dream Analyst on the benefits of incorporating archetypal messages offered in the dreamtime to facilitate healing, growth and self-awareness.

You can reach Christopher via his website at: http://www.dreamreading.ca/dreamreading/Home.html


Ep 75: The Body/Mind Principle

Vetruvian Man

Looking at a new model for Lifelong Health as delineated in the book: "Sound Mind, Sound Body" by Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier.

Published by Simon and Schuster 1994

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"Body and Soul" by Radio Orphans

"Balance of Life" by Todd Lorenz

"Balance" by Deas Vail


Ep: 74 SomaSoul Dynamics


An investigation into the mind/body matrix as seen through the eyes of Brazilian shamanic psychotherapist Heloisa Porto.

We discuss clinical depression, anxiety, stress, sandplay, learning the language of our bodies, and achieving a healthy family dynamic.

You can contact Heloisa by phone at 416-651-8981.

Or via email at her website:


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"Brazilian Nights" by Jack Jezzro


Ep 73: Investing in Your Health

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illustration by Sandy Nichols

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle takes time and discipline - you will need to sweat it.

Excerpts read from:


"The Native American Sweat Lodge - History and Legends " by Joseph Bruchac
The Crossing Press Copyright 1993


Knish Doctor by Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band

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Working and Sweating by Girls' Stuff

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Sweat by Darren Geffre


Wesak Moon Edition - The Big Clean Up

The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Interview with Grace Mankowski DC, chemist, nutritionist, and biochemical naturopathic researcher who gave up a lucrative position working for a big pharma company to continue her pursuit for true healing.

We focus on inroads in understanding homotoxicology with particular emphasis on: exposure to free radicals, heavy metal poisoning, genetically modifiied foods, preservatives, and the dietary discipline required to restore an alkaline digestive system and maintain ideal intestinal bacterial flora.

After determining through live blood cell and hair analysis what each individual's unique chemical blueprint demands, Grace offers suggestions for proper nutrition and trustworthy mineral supplement suppliers.

To reach Grace you can email her at gimcan@hotmail.com or you can reach her by phone at the Signature Rehabilitation Clinic 3823 Lakeshore Blvd. West Ste 5 Toronto, Ontario M8W 1R2 416-253-4788.


Ep 71: Soothe the Savage Breast


Clinical applications of music as an enhancement in the healing or transitioning process.

All articlesread were cited at http://www.musictherapy.org/media.html with the exception of:

"Sound Healing" by Laura Decarufel for Canadian Health Magazine September/ October 2008 Issue http://www.canadian-health.ca

and "A Bolt from the Blue: Sudden Musicophilia" from Dr. Oliver Sacks' book: "Musicophilia" published in 2007 by Knopf , a division of Random House. All rights reserved.

His interview on NPR can be found here:


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"Soothe Me" by Shea Breaux-Wells

"Healing Song" by Radomira

"The Cure for Yesterday" by Randall Shreve

"Emotional Healing" by Astronauts of Antiquity

Thanksgiving Edition: Condor Meets the Eagle

photo of volcano in Chile http://www.atacamaphoto.com

Interview with Mayan healer/ daykeeper Tata Victor

Tata Waqshaqib Kat, (Tata Victor) follows the tradition of the Kakchikel nation of Guatemala under the teaching of Tata Apolinario Chile Pixtun, He is a full member of the Great Confederation of Mayan Councils of Central America and Mexico.He is also a member of the Association of Natural Healing in Chile and member of the Sacbe Mayan Council in Toronto.

Tata Victor travels between Canada and Chile where he is currently working towards establishing a healing center in the Andes mountains of Northern Chile. He is also a Reiki practitioner and has established a Holistic Practice in the city of La Serena in Northern Chile, where he shares with other practitioners of traditional modalities as well as professionals practicing mainstream healing .

Tata Victor’s aim is to build bridges between main stream knowledge and traditional knowledge and weave understanding peace and tolerance among all peoples.


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"Andean Stroll" by
Incidental Fusion

Tata Victor's email: cancagua@hotmail.com



Ep50: Resonant Frequencies of Health


Harmonics of Healing continued with Darrell Brann . This time we delve into Near Death Experiences , 2012, causes of disease and clearing of fields all while living in 3 dimensional reality.

You can find Darrell's website at http://www.harmonicsofhealing.com

email: dbrann1@gmail.com

Skype: darrell.brann

Opening music: " A New System" by Common Splice
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The Naiman Report

painting of goddess, Athena

Introductory music: Oracle Speaks from William Zeitler at http://www.williamzeitler.com

Wise woman, Ingrid Naiman, returns to share her perspective on the body-mind connection, as it applies to programming, propaganda, health and the 100th monkey theory.

Her website is http://www.ingridnaiman.com

Ep: 46: Harmonics of Healing

painting by Ruth Kubler

We interview Darrell Brann who had opportunities to crossover and decided to stay here to offer us the benefit of knowledge gained through years of trial and error and a promise made by a friend on the other side. Darrell applies his mastery of music and manipulation of sound to restore balance and facilitate healing.


Ep 43: Reincarnation with Ingrid Naiman


This episode is jam-packed with wisdom as Ingrid shares very personal details about her own direct experience with reincarnation - we also touch on history of main religions, separation of church and state, educational reform, soul purpose and personality traits, walk-ins, and possessions. How's that for bringing in the light of Imbolc ! ?