Metaphysical Musings

Ep 65: Way of the Fool


painting by Leon Wyczółkowski - Stańczyk (Szopka)

Examining the many faces presented by wise fools, as first demonstrated in the ancient Eastern teachings of Tao and Zen Buddhism.

Excerpts read from Wes Nisker's underground classic : "Crazy Wisdom"

Opening recording of Mark Twain's short story entitled: "Luck"

from Podsafemusicnetwork:

by Fort Pastor

" 100 Year Picnic" by Catch the Crazy

"Crazy" by Ariel Storm

Opening of remix by Armin Van Buuren of "Human" by The Killers


Samhain Edition : Dancing with Death


In remembrance of those who have gone before; we take this time when the veils between worlds are thinnest to
honour our ancestors and examine how different cultures deal with the transitioning of the spirit.

Excerpts read from:

1. "How Death is Handled in Other Cultures" by Charlotte Kuchinsky


3. "Death and Bereavement - The psychological, religious and cultural interfaces" by Dewi Rees reviewed by Nicholas Albery


Background: "Seaworld" by Naked

"My Dead Angel" by Last Minute

"Fare Thee Forlorn" by Pamela Wynn Shannon

"The Wheel" by Damh the Bard


Ep 57: Sacred Spaces


For many thousands of years our ancestors have been visiting and venerating the power places of Europe and Asia. One culture after another has often frequented the same power sites and the story of how these magical places were discovered and used is filled with fairies and nature spirits, sages and astronomers, and enigmatic myths of world destroying cataclysms.

Excerpts from articles by pilgrim, archaeologist, photographer Martin Gray are presented, as is the recommendation by Phylameana lila Desy to create your own sacred space at home.

Ep 55 Geomancy


Our series of discussions on energetics now moves from the Cosmic to the Planetary - in particular : our Earth and it's electromagnetic grid. Ancient civilizations were aware of this intricate connection and built sacred spaces on specific power points. The revival of Feng Shui and Geomancy is an attempt to rekindle that connection.

Excerpts read from:

Sig Lonegren's website:

and an article entitled: Earth: A Crystal Planet? by Joseph Johmans

Opening music:

The Earth is My Church by Freedom People


Ep 51: Sacred Geometry

image by Aidrian O' Connor found at images/content/panpent.gif

The principals of sacred geometry are examined with a nod to past investigators and current innovators.

Excerpts read from:

Ellie Crystal at:

Article by J. Boyd-Brent found at:

Chrysalis 8 Project at:

Chris Hardaker

Polyhedra information from:


Music from incomparable composers :

" Stabat Mater " by Paul Schwartz at

" 72 Names of God " by William Zeitler at


Ep49: Hard to Believe?

Shapeshifters, half-humans and the elf kingdoms - maybe Tolkien wasn't making it up.

Literary reference:

"Fantastic People"
by Allan Scott and Michael Scott Rohan

Music from the podsafe music network:

"Persephone" by Ethereal

"Mythos" by Briareus

"The Mermaid" by Juliet Hotel


Ep: 47: Far-fetched?


painting by Rosalie Belaisis

Titans, and elementals, and Bremen transcripts, oh my !

Reading from:

"Fantastic People"

by Allan Scott and Michael Scott Rohan

Copyright Pierrot Publishing Limited 1980


"Fairy Ring" by Gary Stadler Album : Fairy Nightsongs Sequoia Records

Free Music from

"Taliesin" by ad dios

"Pegasus" by Alphons Arts


Ep 45: Visiting Past Lives

Phoenix Cover

Word of warning: Check the credentials of the practitioner who is overseeing your regression - make sure they didn't take a weekend course in hypnosis because what may come to the surface you could have a great deal of difficulty dealing with emotionally/physically.

Excerpt read from:

Summary of The Search for the Girl with Blue Eyes by "Sue Darroch" in

History of Le Corriveau translated by myself from the text written in 1944 by P.G. Roy historian of St-Joseph de Levis


1. Past Life by George Wood at Podsafe Music.

2. Netherworld by Pamela Wynn Shannon

3. Backside Grind by Part II at

To order your pastlife mandala by Valkyrie go to :
and click on the tab.

Ep 39: Sound of Fibonacci


Breaking all cultural and chronological barriers, the seashells of the world have been used as a means of achieving the universal call to creation .

Excerpts read from:

Music from

1. ) "Between Sky and Sea" by dive-index

2. ) "Wave Over Wave " by Great Big Sea

3. ) "Seaward Jack " by Amee Chapman and the Velvet Tumbleweeds

Background :

"Naked Seaworld " by Fresh Music