Politics and Paradigm Shifters

Solar Eclipse Edition: Navigating the Shift

Solar eclipse seen through the domes of the Golden Temple in the northern Indian city of Amritsar, India (Photo: EPA)

In honor of the celestial reboot occurring on the 22nd of July this year , which will be the longest in duration for this century, we unite the dynamic duo : Darrell Brann and Tom Sotiridy to discuss how this energy can best be applied to our own personal growth and well-being.

This marks another first in the history of Godboxcafe as this interview was live streamed at www.blogtalkradio.com and we hope will be the first of an ongoing opportunity to facilitate instant dialogue with guests.

We will keep you appraised as to the time slots for these live shows and post links on the blog page. Also reminders will be available on Twitter and the blog site.


Ep 72: Health and Wealth


Exploring the connection between Malthusian principles of population control and the impact this has had in the last two hundred years on our health care systems, and the continued prevailing disparity between income levels, potential for well-being, longevity , and access to medical assistance.

Excerpts read from these highly recommended, thoroughly researched, and beautifully composed works :

"Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits" by Steven Mosher.

" Wealth and Well-Being - How Income Affects Health" an article by Giancarlo LaGiorgia for Canadian Health Magazine Spring 2009 edition.


""Mad, Bad and Sad - A History of Women and the Mind Doctors from 1800 to Present" by Lisa Appignanesi.

All music from podsafemusicnetwork.com

"She's Too Rich for Me" by Beau Hall
"Rich Man" by Ariel Storm
" Rich with Love" by Ben Willmott


Special Edition: Skywalker Meets Aquaman

Exquisite photo of sunrise over Lake Ontario
by storm chaser George Kourounis


For the first time in the Godbox Cafe's history we have two guests simultaneously sharing perspectives on water's healing properties and capacity to contain information, safe sun gazing, SADS, food addiction , sunspots and silicon based life.

Darrell Brann our galactic explorer and geomancer / dowser, Tom Sotiridy, compare notes on their personal journeys and current transformations.

You can reach Darrell via email at dbrann1@gmail.com and Tom at dowser@gmail.com

We'll keep you posted regarding their workshop in Toronto at our special events website: http://godboxenterprises.net

Ep 66: And the Beat Goes On !


A conversation with Jozef Slanda aka "jotown" Detroit based musician, minstrel and mythmaker.

We discuss the role music plays in our current western mindset, how it has changed over the last four decades, the impact of new technology, the role of artist in society, individual and collective transitions, and how one can honor these processes, give voice to our own creative expressions, and not lose our sanity in so doing.

His website is: www.jotown.com and you are encouraged to purchase his music to understand the power of change and its secrets.


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Ep 62: Watt's new?


Alan Watt returns to share his wisdom regarding the geopolitical climate, United Nations Agenda 21, fate of the internet and more.

His website is: http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

and for those overseas go to: http://www.sentientsentinel.eu

Ep 61; Dove over troubled waters

15. GINSBERG,S White Dove Passing
painting by S. Ginsberg

Likely one of the most significant interviews on GODBOX CAFE to date given the current global state of flux and seeming geopolitical instability. The recent Taurus 22 full moon had a Sabian symbol of a "white dove flying over troubled waters " and here we have our own harbinger of the truth:

Wally Dove returns to speak about the bailouts, the origin and potential collapses of the monetary system, our voluntary slavery, electoral frameworks in the "free world", 911, mainstream media and programming.

To contact Wally personally via email got to: wdove@interlinks.net

Ep 41: Watt Now


For indepth analyses of world events and agendas go to:

www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com or