Ep 55 Geomancy


Our series of discussions on energetics now moves from the Cosmic to the Planetary - in particular : our Earth and it's electromagnetic grid. Ancient civilizations were aware of this intricate connection and built sacred spaces on specific power points. The revival of Feng Shui and Geomancy is an attempt to rekindle that connection.

Excerpts read from:

Sig Lonegren's website: http://www.geomancy.org

and an article entitled: Earth: A Crystal Planet? by Joseph Johmans

Opening music:

The Earth is My Church by Freedom People


Special Edition: Debunking the New Age


Lion in Venice image from:

WARNING: This extraordinarily giving, resilient, courageous couple have suffered atrocities unimaginable and survived to be stronger, richer, whole personalities with their wills and minds intact - their personal histories were so moving I couldn't control my own emotional reaction so I'm letting you know there will be blubbering on my part.

To do justice to the richness of their individual journeys, collective understanding and experience I extended the duration to over 90 minutes of indepth discussion regarding Illuminati agendas, mind-programming, blue beam technology, the Montauk Project, hyperspace, gurus, energetic fields, healing, channeling and how to navigate through these murky waters as a proactive evolving being in control of your life.

Their website is http://www.expansions.com

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