Ep 62: Watt's new?


Alan Watt returns to share his wisdom regarding the geopolitical climate, United Nations Agenda 21, fate of the internet and more.

His website is: http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

and for those overseas go to: http://www.sentientsentinel.eu

Ep 61; Dove over troubled waters

15. GINSBERG,S White Dove Passing
painting by S. Ginsberg

Likely one of the most significant interviews on GODBOX CAFE to date given the current global state of flux and seeming geopolitical instability. The recent Taurus 22 full moon had a Sabian symbol of a "white dove flying over troubled waters " and here we have our own harbinger of the truth:

Wally Dove returns to speak about the bailouts, the origin and potential collapses of the monetary system, our voluntary slavery, electoral frameworks in the "free world", 911, mainstream media and programming.

To contact Wally personally via email got to: wdove@interlinks.net

Samhain Edition : Dancing with Death


In remembrance of those who have gone before; we take this time when the veils between worlds are thinnest to
honour our ancestors and examine how different cultures deal with the transitioning of the spirit.

Excerpts read from:

1. "How Death is Handled in Other Cultures" by Charlotte Kuchinsky


2. http://www.deardeath.com

3. "Death and Bereavement - The psychological, religious and cultural interfaces" by Dewi Rees reviewed by Nicholas Albery



Background: "Seaworld" by Naked

"My Dead Angel" by Last Minute

"Fare Thee Forlorn" by Pamela Wynn Shannon

"The Wheel" by Damh the Bard